Hard Case Maker- PREMIER

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Technical specification

Model Name Premier
Maximum Case Size 32"*18"
Minimum Case Size 3"*3"
Board Thickness 1 to 6 mm board
paper Thickness 60 to 300gsm flexible paper.
Turning-in Flap Size 15 to 25mm (Depending upon the paper quality)
Production 150 to 200 case/hr*
Glue Hot & Cold(Optional)
Gluing System Paper Bottom
Man Power Two operators
Power Total 1hp,3 Phase,Heater-2kw-A.C.Motor-0.75kw,440VAC
Dimension H-1200*L-3200*W-930mm
Dimension with Wooden Pack H-1400*L-1480*W-1030mm
Machine Weight 780Kg.
No.of Box Two

VALLAVA – Hard case Maker Machine Model-PREMIER.

Economic High quality Multi-use Hard Case Binding Machine:

Experienced engineers, dedicated team, Innovative design and heavy duty construction makes sure of consistent high quality multi produced hard case binding machine at economic costs. This Premier model designed for variety of case binding job, demanded by the today market. This semi-automatic machine made by rust free stainless steel glue rollers & working tables for smooth & neat working.

Flexible conversion for high productivity:

Easy and fast hard case binding bottom gluing machine, variable speed gluing system, glue thickness adjustable system, adjustable gauge unit & Paper table, adjustable Pneumatic turning unit system, advanced automatic pneumatic turning system with tucking-in facility, installed heavy duty silicon rollers to press / calendaring for super finishing hard case cover and adjustable delivery table to gather different size cases. Both the operator can comfortably sit & work, because, there is no pedal operating system.

Valuable options for variety of operations demands:

Main on/off red light indicator, glue heating cut-off indicator, water heating degree tuner, variable speed glue rollers speed tuner, emergency OFF bush buttons to both glue and calendaring units, inches facility for gluing unit and reverse & forwarding of Calendaring rollers. Programmable Pneumatic turning-in system by variable timing mode is there to bind maximum thickness of papers.

Reliable and Proven Gluing system:

Suitable stainless Steel glue rollers used for proper constant glue application with high speed paper feeding system, operator shall operate the machine, without touching the glue and tucking in by finger. Cartridge type glue tank with separate hot water tank. Precise control of paper releasing tension blades given for proper paper release and high speed run, it can be avoid the paper stuck / roll in the glue rollers. This is the maximum high speed paper feed system in this kind in the market at present.

High-Tech Pneumatic Turning System:

The unique rotate tucking-in can be done while two side flap turning in, Pneumatic cylinder does rotate for all repeat lengths in specified place for Tucking-in operation. The operator can program the stroke timing by seconds, which will be used for holding necessary time of turning bar movement, to hold the glued maximum gsm paper, and turning-in to paste by proper manner. The full unit can be moved front & back as per the Hard Case size as well as operator convenient. Pneumatic turning system is made automatic (No Pedal operating system).

Unique Dust-free Calendaring System:

Quality Silicon roller used, Easy cleanable quality Silicon rollers, fine rollers control knob-cum-locker provided for constant dis-engagement of upper & down calendaring rollers while running the job. It is used always to avoid paste dust & glue in the hard case front page. It is a major requirement of Hard Case Binder today.

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